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BrainstormIL Introducing:
Alpha Collective

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Cross-functional Challenger Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new program,
Alpha Collective, is a groundbreaking program that brings together top academic and industry professionals to address your company's most pressing challenges and explore new growth possibilities.

We provide a creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving. By leveraging our members' diverse skill sets and expertise, we develop innovative solutions that drive progress and growth.

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The Alpha Collective will be comprised of the following personnel:

Lead & Guidance

One industry professional - will lead and guide the team through the task.

A Brainstormer!

One of BrainstormIL's project managers leads the team time-wise.

Academic Professionals

Two academic professionals - Master's or Ph.D. students, will bring their expertise to the team.

Different Disciplines

The internship program will include two students from different disciplines.

Maximize your company's R&D potential
with our program's expert team and innovative problem-solving
approach, effortlessly overcoming challenges
and unlocking new opportunities in the NeuroTech industry.


  • Onboarding and Team Integration (2 weeks).

    • Familiarize yourself with the team, plan, and company systems.

  • Sprint 1: Problem Analysis and Solution Proposal (2 weeks).

    • Analyze and break down the problem.

    • Present two solution directions to stakeholders.

  • Sprint 2: Solution Development and Adjustments (2 weeks).

    • Build a demo of the solution and present intermediate versions.

    • Incorporate stakeholder feedback into the solution.

  • Sprint 3: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Construction (2 weeks).

    • Develop the first version of critical client functions.

    • Validate and refine the MVP based on stakeholder feedback.

  • Sprint 4: Product Completion and Packaging (2 weeks).

    • Finalize product features.

    • Package the product for submission and present it to company managers.


Resource Allocation

  • Development hours:

    • Juniors: 20 hours per sprint

    • Experts: 10 hours per sprint

  • Preparation and Presentation Hours:

    • Juniors: 10 hours per sprint

    • Experts: 5 hours per sprint

  • Guidance and Feedback Hours:

    • Mentors: 2 hours per sprint

The goal is to deliver a high-quality product
while maintaining a formal and attractive process.

To support Israel's high-tech innovation, BrainstormIL aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to drive progress in the bio-convergence sector. That is why we created programs to train the next wave of professionals. The Alpha Collective joins our two other programs.
NeuroHubs - offers top-of-the-line equipment. And The Amygdala provides comprehensive training for medical professionals through a three-day seminar and ongoing mentorship

BrainstormIL believes that investing in the next generation of high-tech professionals is crucial to building a better future for all.

Let’s create and develop a neurotech ecosystem in Israel. This will help us train the next wave of innovators who will push the boundaries of what's possible in the bio-convergence sector.


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