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Dance For Life

Dance Training Platform to Enhance Mental Acuity

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Dance For Life
Cognitive Assessment & Enhancement
Digital & Health care
General wellbeing / wellness (users without clinical diagnosis)
Software Development | Apps

Dance For Life develops services and technologies designed to help aging people reconnect both socially and culturally. The company is developing a technological platform to deliver the mental and physical health benefits of partnered dancing and other motion arts. The platform enables dance and motion teachers to extend their classes into customers’ homes using live video streaming and motion tracking technologies.

The company’s DanceExplore software is based on motion tracking and analysis of the student’s performance against the master’s template. It will allow master-level instruction in the user’s living room through precise teaching and immediate feedback from an expert instructor, leading to increased brain plasticity.

Dance For Life will provide its subscribers with continuously available professional training to keep their brains sharp while engaging in the activity they love which provides an inherent physical, coordinative, and rhythmic challenge as well as intimacy and socialization.

Dance For Life brings this activity to every home. Many Parkinson’s patients have already been enjoying the benefits of dancing with Dance For Life for nearly four years. The technology can also be integrated into clinical programs aimed at managing neurodegenerative diseases.

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