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IDD Therapeutics

Anti-Cancer Drugs and Drug Discovery Platform

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IDD Therapeutics

IDD Therapeutics Ltd. is a drug development company for cancer therapy. The IDD Therapeutics main focus is improving specificity, safety and efficacy of an existing non-specific cancer treatments and protocols. Our unique and novel proprietary discovery platform, Intelligent Learning Engine (ILE®) is being used to build up a diverse pipeline of products. ILE® powerful technology was employed to design targeted small molecule New Therapeutic Entity (NTE) for cancer therapy. Our main focus is improving specificity, safety and NTEs, with multifunctional Mechanism of Action towards specific biological targets in the tumor cells (ILE® molecular activity indexing). The first innovative compound is a targeted, multifunctional Mode of Action (MoA), NTE consisting of neuro-protective anti-oxidant moiety. IDD-1040 is a small molecule and synthesized in a one-step chemical procedure, demonstrating a unique PK, superior efficacy and safety. Additional drug candidates, IDD-1010 and IDD-2010, are being developed and currently at the early preclinical stage. IDD Therapeutics operates within New Generation Technology (NGT) incubator, funded by the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist and private capital.

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