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Brain Activity System for Monitoring Pets' Emotions and Behavior

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Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Digital & Health care
General wellbeing / wellness (users without clinical diagnosis)
Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

NeuroPet is developing a brain–machine interface activity system for animals that enables humans to know their thoughts and feelings in real time.

The system uses proprietary, real-time algorithms, deep artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which run on the cloud and can be read via any web interface, mobile device, or voice text.

The brain activity monitor relies on a single EEG channel and produces unique brain activity biomarkers. This is enabled by advanced mathematical signal processing and sensitive electronics. The main effort is currently focused on verticals such as pet owners and health and remote care. It may also be suitable for support in medical research, such as for drug development, monitoring effects over time.

The current mission of NeuroPet is to provide the ability for humans to better understand animals' needs. The technology aims to help detect pain before illness, neurodegenerative diseases, and mood disorders such tension and distress, and even to determine when pets need to go outside to relieve themselves.

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