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Orsan Medical Technologies

Noninvasive Brain Monitoring and Intracranial Pressure Device

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Orsan Medical Technologies
Digital & Health care
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Orsan Medical Technologies develops technologies for brain monitoring, with particular attention to intracranial pressure (ICP) and its influence on cerebral perfusion. Orsan's proprietary technology platform is based on the measurement of impedance plethysmography, which reflects total cerebral volume alterations and blood flow in cerebral arteries as a function of the cardiac cycle. Orsan's technology enables monitoring of intracranial pressure and additional hemodynamic parameters such as cerebral perfusion, auto-regulation, compliance, and oedema formation.

Orsan's first product is a continuous, real-time, noninvasive ICP monitor. The monitor promptly detects ICP elevation, provides real-time feedback to the physician on the brain's status, and drives better informed treatment decisions. The device's algorithm analyzes the impedance plethysmography signals to estimate the mean ICP value in millimeters of mercury, which is of primary interest to the care-giver.

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