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Sensory Integration Therapy Platform

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SensoryTreat provides therapy content and tools to help families and occupational therapists (OTs) manage sensory integration home programs, or sensory diets. Sensory integration (SI) therapy administered by a certified OT is considered the best treatment for the various sensory difficulties experienced by children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), autism, ADHD, and other neurological developmental disorders. The most significant challenge in SI therapy is compliance with a therapy regimen and integration of the care plan into family routines.

SensoryTreat offers solutions to make sensory diets fun and easy to incorporate into everyday life. Its products enable therapists to easily create sensory routines and empower families to successfully maintain home programs. The company’s digital health platform includes illustrated activities and tools to help parents monitor their child’s response to each activity and easily report the information to their OT, including their observations about any functional or emotional progress.

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