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The Detailes


Once you are registered and accepted,

we will match you with an team of peers
(students with students, researchers with researchers).

We will do our best to accommodate all applicants, if possible.


We will team you up with members from other departments,
so you can get to know new people, perspectives and tools,

and come up with amazing interdisciplinary ideas in neurotech.

Mentors & More

We will help your team with access

to mentors and resources for your project.

We encourage everyone to volunteer, in addition to participation -
to advise other teams on your areas of expertise.

Weekly Meetings

We will meet online every week (not mandatory)
to brainstorm and problem-solve together with all other teams.

At least on member of each team should attend

the first (getting started) and forth (halfway mark) meetings.

Recommended Milestones
Week 1: Getting to know each other

Week 2: Figuring out what is your team-superpower

Week 3: Background research

Week 4: consolidating the method

Week 5: Fine tuning & testing

Week 6: Final version of the poster

Week 7: Getting ready for presentation

Week 8: Community Day!

Poster Session @ Neurotech Community Day

Community day will be a full day of neurotech @ Univ of Haifa!

A key part of this day will be the Mix & Match poster session.

All teams will present their posters.

Winning teams will also give a short talk.

Community Day will be held in mid June (either at Haifa or online).

Your Poster Should Include

An abstract, introduction, method and suggested analysis (if applicable).

An additional section for expected outcomes is recommended.

All posters should be focused on some aspect of neurotech.


Workshop on Submitting Pre-registered Papers


We would love to see your ideas become a reality!

This workshop will help you get started.

Neurotech Research Hub @ University of Haifa

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