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NeuroPitch 2025 Grand Finals!

Monday 22.6 | 20:00 | online

Join us on Facebook Live
to see the future of neurotech!

Work as a team with amazing mentors,

think big - create the future of Neurotechnology!

Over the span of 4-weeks, invent and develop your idea with the guidance of expert mentors with experience in entrepreneurship and applicative science.

Finally, pitch your idea to a panel of judges and show the audience at home a glimpse of what may be possible in the not so distant future!

Where and when

This event will be conducted entirely online

Registration deadline:17/05 (extended)

Kick-off Event: 19/05

Final Presentations: mid-June (TBD)

Neuropitch Mentors.png

We are proud to announce:

A collaboration with Joy Ventures!

Joy Ventures - the leading braintech VC in Israel, will offer  outstanding teams in NeuroPitch 2025 an opportunity to take their passion and creativity to the next level!

​Outstanding teams will be offered guidance and support from Joy Ventures after NeuroPitch 2025, in order to help their ideas become a reality.


From Idea to Plan to Pitch

After the sign-up period we’ll host a Kick-off event for the program.


During the 4-week duration, teams will work independently to develop their ideas and map the way to a viable product.

Use mentors’ guidance and input to complete the picture and answer your critical questions.

Build your presentation, describing the idea and detailing the way you would make it a reality.

Finally, pitch to the panel of judges, convince them of the impact and innovation of your idea and your plan


All the details


Register as a team (3-5 people), with a friend or as individuals, we will match you with a team of people who compliment your skills and share your interests

Registration is open until 17/05 (extended)

We will do our best to accommodate all applicants.

The event is intended for Israeli students
(studying home & abroad and for foreign students in Israel)

Other applicants are welcome to contact us before regestration

Kick-off Event – 19/05, 20:00

After registration we will present the detailed requirements, guidelines and suggestions as well as time for your questions. Participation in the Kick-off event is required for all contestant teams. Shortly after kick-off we will deliver final confirmation to all teams and your work will begin!

Final team assignment (after kickoff event) 21/05



Teams will receive weekly meetings with different expert mentors (3 total). These meetings are opportunities for the team to learn and receive input on what works and what needs work. 

Mentors will focus on the business and operational sides of your pitch. Their goal is to help you understand what it takes for the product to get made and paid for.

The Pitch and Points

At the grand finale teams will pitch their idea with a short presentation (or “pitch-deck”, example below).

Our panel of expert judges will evaluate and score each team based on these 3 criteria:

Impact – does this idea or product create change? Has the team convinced us this is meaningful to the lives of their customers?

Innovation – how confident are we this is hypothetically possible? Has the team shown scientific foundation and research in this direction?

Investment – how likely is this to be a good investment? Has the team shown they understand the problem, the market and their target customers?

Questions & Guidance

Teams are free to consult with your local BrainstormIL chapter coordinators at any time during the month.

General and technical questions can be sent to us at, recurring questions will be added to the FAQ section below



Example Pitch Template

Your pitch deck should reflect your work and provide answers to the questions mentioned above.


Below is an outline to give you an idea of what slides and information should be included. 

Remember the deck is only part of your presentation, how you communicate your idea and plan are just as important!

pitch deck.png


Q: What kind of ideas and products fit this event?

A: Anything Neuroscience or Neurotech related! VR, Bio-feedback CBT therapy service? Sure. Brain-computer interface control of warehouse robots? Defintely! Bracelet that changes color based on your cortisol levels? Not so much. Ice cream flavor named “Brain-Freeze”. No. Delicious, but no.


Q: How futuristic can I make my idea?
A: Your idea can be as wild as you like. However, it’s important you show it is feasible given certain assumptions and that you are able to explain those assumptions. It’s up to you to make sure the technical part of your idea is hypothetically possible (doesn’t break physics) and at least somewhat probable (in line with directions in current research) 


Q: Do I have to have experience in scientific research or entrepreneurship?

A: Experience is useful but never a precondition! You should have an academic background, deep interest in neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Either way, if you think you’ll have fun and succeed you’re probably right! Sign up and see.


Q: How will we contact our mentors?

A: Each teams’ mentors contact information will be delivered after kick-off.

Q: What is the registration fee?

We believe in open science.
Participation is free.

Q: Do we have to work in English?

Teams are free to choose the language they work in (staff & mentors are fluent in both English and Hebrew).

Final presentation slides must be in English.


Copyright & Intellectual Property (IP) Disclaimer

We would love to see your ideas become a reality one day. However, this event is above all intended to inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to gain experience. To maintain your IP rights, we do not recommend pitching an idea you are actively working on or is too similar to an idea you’d prefer to pursue individually at a later time. The Neuro-Pitch 2025 event is your chance to think of and pitch a future fantasy more than a near reality. For more questions about this or other technical matters please contact us @


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