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Israel's Neurotech Ecosystem Roadmap

The term Neurotech refers to the translational aspects of technological developments arising from Neuroscience and the Behavioral Sciences, as they pertain to the central and peripheral nervous systems and cognitive faculties in humans. A deeper, more fundamental understanding of how the brain processes information, and how this manifests in tangible, measurable ways, is the basis for developing technologies that assist, augment, diagnose, treat, and ultimately affect our nervous system.

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Traditional neurological tools of diagnosis, stimulation, and therapy are constantly revolutionized along with neuro-related novel techniques for training elite athletes, academic research, and military use-cases. In this sense, both ends of the health spectrum are utilizing neurotechnology, and it is quickly spreading to the center - the everyday consumer. Alongside this revolution, the field is experiencing rapid development as seen through high-profile investments in world-wide companies - the international Neurotech field is witnessing immense growth and is enriched from other fields such as economics, education, design, architecture, and others.

Historically, Israel has been at the forefront of many technological frontiers, especially in deep technological sectors which require innovation, multi-disciplinary approaches, and an entrepreneurial mindset. There are numerous examples where Israeli scientific rigour, engineering ingenuity, and cognitive and psychological acumen culminate to create successful ecosystems. The Neurotech field is experiencing such growth.

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BrainstormIL was established in 2019 to facilitate and encourage continuous ecosystem growth. As a non-profit organization, we aim to be a centralized hub - coordinating, facilitating and growing the neurotech community in Israel. The Israeli Neurotech ecosystem comprises several sub-components, in terms of technological aspects (tools, algorithms, sensors), markets (medical, wellness, consumer…), and verticals (academia, industry, finance…).  As part of these efforts we have compiled a Neurotech Ecosystem Report.

This report aims to identify these components and map the strengths and weaknesses of the connections between them to encourage and accelerate the entire ecosystem’s growth.

This resource is meant to serve entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, clinicians, consumers, policy-makers and anyone else interested in the field. As part of our mission statement, we aim to maintain, update, and continuously disseminate this knowledge base for public use. Please feel free to contact us if you see a discrepancy, have further information or insight regarding this work at

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