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BrainstormIL’s board members are responsible for the organization’s policy and plan of action, and for the fulfilment of the Amuta’s goals. They hold the legal responsibility for all of the organization’s activity. The board meets on a regular basis to debate, formulate and verify BrainstormIL’s budget, plan of action and policy decisions. Board members are also expected to take an active part in the day-to-day activity, in order to better understand the organization’s needs.


- A wide understanding and experience with Neuroscience and technology.
- Strong familiarity with BrainstormIL’s organization, activities and goals, and a strong passion towards our goals.
- Experience in management of organizations, people and budgets.
- Experience working in compliance with the relevant regulatory and monetary constraints.
- Good interpersonal and leadership capabilities.
- Past experience in comparable positions - an advantage.


Board members are responsible for all of the organization’s activity and obligations. They work closely with all other members of the management team (fellow board members, CEO ect.)
These responsibility include (but not limited to):
- Formulate and approve BrainstormIL’s strategic policy, yearly plan and budget. In accordance with the Amuta’s goals.
- Supervise and fulfil all legal, contractual and financial obligations, together with the legal division and review board.
- Be informed of all organization’s activities, and integrate community feedback into actionable plans. To this end, board members are also expected to take an active part in the organization’s projects, activities and teams.
- Board members are liable for all organizational activity.


You are expected to dedicate a minimum of 8 hours per week.
The position will include visits to campuses and sites across Israel as well as remote work.

JLM leaders meeting
JLM leaders meeting

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Let's Connect Event

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BrainstormBGU hosts Intel
BrainstormBGU hosts Intel

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