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Brainvivo & BrainstormIL


Team up. Dream up. Pitch your Idea.

Brainvivo will share its secret source with a selected group of talents.
Are you creative enough to shine above all?


Opening Event

18.5.2022 | 15:00-18:00
Google for startups campus

​Meet Brainvivo founders and learn how to translate neuroscience into neuro products

Overview of the challenge & schedule.

Team up and meet the mentors.

Get started.

Final Event

24.5.2022 | 15:00-18:00
Google for startups campus

Pitch your ideas in front of a distinguished panel of judges from the tech industry.


Everyone is invited to join!

You don't have to bring an idea, find your idea as a team.

Please be ready to invest time and effort in making your team's project attractive and relevant.

The challenge is limited so be quick to sign-up!

Teams & Mentoring

We encourage participants to sign up individually and be teamed up -- we will create teams with the best mix of skills and experience.

It is also possible to sign up as a team of 3-4 members.

Mentors from the industry will be assigned to each team and share their insights and experience.


All Three winning teams will get a chance for an internship at Brainvivo, a chance to execute their ideas and also a cash prize.

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