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About Us

BrainstormIL is a non-profit organization that aims to advance Israel’s Neurotech ecosystem. We connect the leading players within the academic, industry, clinical, non-profit, finance, and governmental sectors by hosting events, workshops, Hackathons and more. We encourage collaborations, network-building, and an open interchange of ideas and skills through our academic courses, content platforms, conferences, and graduate programs. BrainstormIL is where Neurotech happens.

BrainstormIL is a non-profit and most of our positions are voluntary.

While taking a part in our organization, you will be able to network with key personas from the industry, work closely with leading Neuroscience research and healthcare centers, gain experience in entrepreneurship, events production, and much more.
Volunteering at BrainstormIL could open doors for you, just choose the position that ignites your imagination.

We're fully aware that different people have different perception of their own knowledge and capabilities.

We encourage everyone to apply to any position that inspires you.

Feel free to talk any of our current national team members here.


BrainstormIL’s CEO is leading Israel’s Neurotech Ecosystem, and is responsible for all aspects of operations and oversight needed to fulfill the organization’s strategic policy and short-term plans of action.

Paid - 75%

Head of Social Media

Manage BrainstormIL’s online and offline appearance, social media presence and promote activities and content within and out of the organization.

Volunteer Position

Administrative Specialist

Create, update and adminsitive needs.

Volunteer Position

Human Resources Manager

Our HR manager is responsible for creating the best environment, assuring proper training, and facilitating the activity for Brainstorm’s volunteers and employees.

Volunteer Position

Academia Domain-Leader

Manage, cultivate, and develop BrainstormIL’s academic sector, across universities and communities by creating value, network and collaborations.

Volunteer Position

Industry Domain-Leader

Develop and expand the relation of the industry pillar to the rest of the ecosystem by managing Brainstorm’s relationships with and between companies working in the Neurotech domain.

Volunteer Position

Head of Inter-Community Coordination

Facilitate each community’s growth by managing the connection between the different local communities of BrainstormIL.

Volunteer Position

Head of NeuroHUBs Coordination

Coordinate dedicated spaces that are the forefront for the community meetings, workshops, hackathons and more by mentoring local community NeuroHUB managers, producing multi-institute events and competitions.

Volunteer Position

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