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Ecosystem Survey

The Israeli Neurotech ecosystem comprises several sub-components, in terms of technological aspects, markets, and verticals.

As part of these efforts we are compiling a

Neurotech Ecosystem Report.

This report aims to identify these components and map the strengths and weaknesses of the connections between them to encourage and accelerate the entire ecosystem’s growth. 

We’d like to validate the information we have on the companies. In this context, we created a quick survey which will help us correctly map and represent the ecosystem.

Neurotechnology (Neurotech): Comprises all of the technologies which are based on knowledge acquired using Neuroscience and the Behavioral Sciences as they pertain to the central and peripheral nervous systems and cognitive faculties in humans.


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OUR Data

We've been looking everywhere...

And found quite a lot!

Now, we want to make sure we're right.

BrainstormIL was established in 2019 by students within academia to facilitate and encourage academic-industry collaboration, provide international outreach and create social and ethical impact using neurotechnology. As a non-profit organization, we aim to be a centralized hub -  coordinating, facilitating and growing the Neurotech community in Israel.

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