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About the Role

A crucial part of the BrainstormILIL ecosystem is the academic sector (administrators, researchers, and students alike). The person in this position will manage BrainstormILIL’s relationships with the academia sector, and between this sector and all others. They will be responsible for expanding and cultivating these relationships, by supporting and initiating coordination, cross-institute programs and conferences etc.


- A wide understanding of Neuroscience and technology.
- A good understanding and experience with academic bureaucracy.
- Past experience with applicative projects, academic collaborations and research (e.g. organizing conferences, inter-institutional collaborations etc.)
- An existing collaborative network with senior academic faculty from a variety of institutes and fields.
- Graduate-level student (past or present) at an Israeli institute, or equivalent experience.


Strengthening the Academia component in the Neurotech ecosystem:
- Promote neurotech curriculum across academic departments.
- Support inter-institute academic courses and projects (e.g. our Neuro-Design and Neuro-Art courses).
- Liaison between academic departments and BrainstormILIL.
- Mentor and assist our local community leaders and project managers in academia.


You are expected to dedicate a minimum of 8 hours per week.
The position will include visits to campuses and sites across Israel as well as remote work.

JLM leaders meeting
JLM leaders meeting

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Let's Connect Event

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BrainstormBGU hosts Intel
BrainstormBGU hosts Intel

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