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Head of NeuroHUBs Coordination

Volunteer Position

About the Role

A key method of growing the neurotech ecosystem is creating dedicated spaces that encourage technical entrepreneurship. These NeuroHUBs are the forefront for the community meetings, workshops, hackathons and more. The role includes coordinating and mentoring local community NeuroHUB managers, producing multi-institute databases, tutorials, libraries and competitions.


- Strong and wide familiarity with Neuroscience, relevant technology and R&D processes.
- Strong Familiarity with makers’ culture and tools - open-source tools, makerspaces, hackathons, etc.
- Experience with Neurotech-specific and general-purpose hardware and prototyping platforms.
- An ability to manage tech-support and acquisition of these platforms - an advantage.
- Experience in teaching and leading teams of volunteers, preferably in relevant domains.
- Strong planning, organization and technical skills.


- The CEO is liable for all organizational activity.


You are expected to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per week.
The position will include visits to campuses and sites across Israel as well as remote work.

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