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AdaSky is a small team of experienced vets from the Israel high-tech industry who are now bringing FIR technology to the automotive market.

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AdaSky aims to disrupt the autonomous vehicle market, delivering the smallest, best-resolution thermal sensor to give self-driving cars the gift of sight and perception, in any lighting or weather condition. AdaSky delivers a scalable solution, priced for mass market, that was built to meet the specific and demanding requirements of autonomous vehicles. AdaSky saw a powerful opportunity in the market. The most basic need for autonomous vehicles is to be able to see and interpret all objects and surroundings, in all conditions. Existing sensors and cameras available today can’t meet this need on their own. To address this, AdaSky engineered a state-of-the-art sensing and perception solution that allows autonomous vehicles to reliably detect, segment, and analyze pedestrians, animals, objects, and road conditions in day or night, regardless of weather condition. Today’s sensors are limited and often have trouble classifying objects. AdaSky’s advanced thermal sensing solution allows the vehicle to sense and analyze its surroundings by passively collecting FIR signals through detection of thermal energy radiated from objects and their body heat. AdaSky introduces a new modality in which the signals come from a different band of the spectrum, orthogonal to existing imaging solutions. AdaSky’s image processing and computer vision algorithms process the signals collected by the camera to provide accurate object detection and scene analysis, giving the vehicle a new layer of information and the ability to precisely detect pedestrians 200 meters away or more, allowing more distance in which to react to driving decisions. FIR technology has been used for decades in other vertical industries, making it a mature and proven concept with demonstrated scalable technology priced for mass market. AdaSky leveraged this mature technology and adapted it specifically for autonomous vehicles to create a solution that complements other sensing technology, such as Lidar, Radar, and standard cameras, while providing a crucial additional layer of vision and brains. In fact, AdaSky’s solution is performing at its best in use cases when other sensors in the car have no perception and are unable to see. When combined with other sensors, AdaSky’s solution gives autonomous vehicles perception of their surroundings in any condition. AdaSky is a quick-moving start-up, comprised of an experienced team that combines image-processing and thermal sensing industry vets from the Israeli high-tech market, automotive experts, and machine-learning and computer-vision specialists. AdaSky was founded with the core vision of advancing the autonomous vehicle market with a bold perception solution that increases the safety and performance of the self-driving car. The team took the very mature thermal sensing technology that its founders had worked with for decades and specifically adapted it for the needs of the automotive market.

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