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Monitoring Cognitive States through the Eyes

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BioEye is a mobile eye-tracking application for monitoring cognitive states, providing early detection of cognitive decline and enabling effective intervention.

BioEye provides seamless, continuous monitoring of cognitive states using high-quality eye biomarkers such as eye movement, blink rate, and pupil size. Running in the background, the app captures a short video of the eyes, extracts the biomarkers, and sends them to the company's big-data repository in the cloud, where it monitors cognitive states and performs early detection of abnormal trends using machine-learning algorithms.

The BioEye platform can power many eye-tracking applications, which can be developed through partnerships and licensing.
Combating Coronavirus Pandemic:
BioEye-Overwatch Digital Health’s Inflammation Detection and Treatment (BE-ODH IDT) technology suite identifies the early onset of potentially lethal inflammation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and provides noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation in order to reduce uncontrolled inflammation and to mitigate the effects of chronic inflammation on patients diagnosed with COVID-19. BE-ODH IDT’s early diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammation enables medical personnel to better manage scarce ICU resources and helps lower the risk of mortality from SARS-Cov-2.

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