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Intendu Technologies

Cognitive Training for People with Brain Dysfunctions

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Intendu Technologies
Cognitive Assessment & Enhancement
Digital & Health care
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Software Development | Apps

Intendu offers a brain-training platform designed to treat people with brain dysfunctions. The Intendu solution is based on body-controlled, adaptive video games. The games involve interaction with characters and the use of natural body gestures within functional environments.

Intendu's games are personalized in real time to fit each player's capabilities and rehabilitation goals. Based on each player's performance and biofeedback, the company's patented neuro-cognitive engine decides the best way to stimulate that player's brain at a given moment to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

The Intendu training platform provides games that target specific cognitive functions such as multitasking, memory, inhibition, set-shifting, persistence, attention, and self-initiation. The platform scales to train people with cognitive impairments caused by a variety of brain conditions including traumatic brain injury, stroke, age-related cognitive decline, mental illness, and neurological disease.

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