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MTRE Advanced Technologies Ltd.

MTRE is a medical technology company.

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MTRE Advanced Technologies Ltd.

MTRE develops, manufactures, and markets non-invasive solutions for body temperature management. It offers Allon system for controlling patients temperature throughout various stages of a surgery; and infant, pediatric, universal, and cardiac ThermoWrap, an integral part of the Allon system that covers patient in a suit-like matter, fastened with hook and loop strips. The company also provides CritiCool, a solution for induced hypothermia; CritiCool Pro, an integrated temperature management and patient monitoring system; CritiCool transportation kit; and neonate, pediatric, and adult CureWrap, a solution for therapeutic hypothermia. Its product lines target a range of medical applications and disciplines, including the applications of neuroprotective cooling therapy for cardiac arrest; and asphyxia and traumatic brain injury victims, as well as cardio-vascular, organ transplant, pediatric, neurosurgery, and trauma patients.

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