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NeuroHELP is developing a simple, portable EEG system that can be used by patients with epilepsy on a daily basis. The system alerts patients before a seizure occurs and sends the processed information to the caregivers.

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NeuroImaging | NeuroMonitoring
Digital & Health care
Medical use (pharma, nerve damage rehabilitation, neurodiagnostics. inc. early diagnosis)
Non-invasive Neuroimaging | portable (EEG | fNIRS)

NeuroHELP’s algorithmic solution involves automatic tools for signal preprocessing and artifact removal, advanced nonlinear measures of brain activity that reflect the underlying dynamics, and machine learning techniques for integrating the information and assessing the likelihood of an upcoming seizure. The algorithms have already been designed, implemented, and tested offline on a large database of EEGs from patients with epilepsy, with highly accurate results.

The system can also assist in optimizing the type, dosage, and frequency of drugs given to the patient. The technology is designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with epilepsy by reducing the anxiety caused by the unforeseeable occurrence of seizures and allowing for advance preparation before a seizure ensues.

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