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NIBS NeuroScience Technologies

Nibs develops a system for monitoring and treating brain disorders, utilizing non-invasive brain stimulation technology.

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NIBS NeuroScience Technologies
NeuroreHabilitation | NeuroDegenerative | NeuralProstheses
Digital & Health care
Clinical use (of cognitive, psychological, psychiatric, inc. early diagnosis)
Neuromodulation Interventions | Non-Invasive (TMS | tDCS | tACS)

NIBS NeuroScience Technologies develops a novel and innovative algorithm based system with trademark design for monitoring and treatment of brain disorders, utilizing non-invasive brain stimulation technology. NIBS is currently conducting multi center clinical trials for utilizing developed algorithm based system for diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic pain. Their technology and expertise enables a deep understanding of neuropathological processes for developing and designing a system targeted at detecting network abnormalities based on neuronal properties and application of neurostimulation treatment for treating neuronal disorders such as neuropathic pain.

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