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Surgical Theater

Platforms for Neurosurgical Preoperative Planning and Rehearsal

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Surgical Theater
NeuroImaging | NeuroMonitoring
Digital & Health care
Professional training and monitoring (athletes, drivers, doctors)
Virtual Reality

Surgical Theater is developing a technology based on fighter jet flight simulation for patient anatomy scans, using medical imaging such as MRI, CT, and DTI to create a 360º virtual reality reconstruction of the patient’s own anatomy and pathology.

The company’s Precision VR allows for patient engagement opportunities in the clinic while providing surgical planning and navigation capabilities in the operating room and powerful tools for medical education and collaboration.

Surgical Theater’s enterprise-wide visualization platform is advancing neurosurgery at some of the top academic hospitals, including UCLA, New York University, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, and Stanford University.

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