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Face and Eye Tracking Technology

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Cognitive Assessment & Enhancement
Digital & Health care
General wellbeing / wellness (users without clinical diagnosis)

Umoove has developed software for face and eye tracking that is designed for any mobile device, with no additional hardware needed. Through the use of a downloaded app, users can enable any device to see them and look them in the eye.

The company’s technology opens new possibilities in many markets (e.g. gaming, advertising, sports, wearable AR/VR, etc.) but particularly in the field of health care, where tracking a person’s eyes can provide a window into analyzing brain activity. Conditions such as ADHD, concussions, strokes, autism, Parkinson’s, and others can all be observed through the eyes.

Umoove has created software to address challenges in mobile environments, including shakiness, lighting, and limited hardware resources. The technology runs at a CPU as low as 5% in real time and needs nothing but the raw frames of the front-facing camera for input. In addition to the core technology, Umoove has developed an interpretation layer that turns face and eye movements into an interactive language capable of providing valuable data.

Umoove’s technology is built on top of unique algorithms and has more than 15 patent files pending.

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