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AI-powered Synchronized Stroke Care

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Viz is a medical imaging company that specializes in optimizing emergency treatment by combining artificial intelligence, deep learning, and medical imaging to help doctors diagnose and treat patients quickly.

Viz uses deep-learning technology to automatically detect and directly alert the on-call stroke physician about suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs) across their entire stroke network. These actions occur within minutes and are combined with insights from the company's automated perfusion software and its convenient HIPAA-compliant mobile viewing and messaging software.

The company's products include the Viz LVO and Viz CTP platforms. Both are FDA cleared and commercially available in the United States. The Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect LVO strokes and triage patients directly to a stroke specialist. The Viz CTP uses advanced processing technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images and generate parametric perfusion color maps.
Combating Coronavirus Pandemic:
In April 2020, has launched its Viz COVID-19, a COVID-19 patient triage software currently being used in Boca Raton Regional Hospital to improve patient management and allow for a safer hospital workplace during the pandemic. It can improve communication around a specific COVID-19 patient and help get the right patient to the right doctor safely and efficiently. Aside from chest CTs and Xrays, the Viz-COVID-19 triage software can also assist with two major issues at the core of addressing the coronavirus: resource management and limiting patient exposure.

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