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  • Everyone interested and passionate about brain research and neurotechnology is invited to join!

  • You may sign up as a team of 3-5 friends or as an individual and we'll pair you up.

  • You don't need to necessarily have an idea already, that's what the second week is for.

  • Please be ready to invest time and effort in making your team's project attractive and relevant.

  • The contest is limited to 100 participants so hurry up


Opening event

  • Only participants joining the event will be added to teams.

  • We will provide important information and answer your questions at the event.

  • You will have the chance to get a motivational talk with Dana Gavish Fridman, the head of the BGU innovation center.

Workshop week

  • The contest starts with three workshops to give you the basic required entrepreneurship skills.

  • The workshops will be conducted online.

  • You will have the chance to start learning and working together with your teammates.

Make it your own week

  • This week is your opportunity to shine.

  • Synthesize your creativity and your domain knowledge to help your team think of something amazing.

  • Use the skills you've learned in the workshops to present this idea in the best way possible.


  • The semi-finals will be an online event in which each team will pitch their idea.

  • Only the best teams will move on in the contest.

  • The best teams will be decided by Brainstorm IL judges.

  • The judgment criteria will be published before the event.

Mentoring weeks

  • Each team who qualified from the semi-final will be assigned two personal mentors with vast experience.

  • One mentor would guide the team on the business side, using his or her knowledge in entrepreneurship.

  • The second mentor would be a scientific/technological expert and would be personally matched for each team.


  • The final will be held live on IMED in Ichilov medical center.

  • Each team will have a chance to pitch their idea in front of the leading characters in the neurotech ecosystem.

  • The winners will be decided by a jury including VC associates and scientific experts.


  • The winning team will get a package for the young startup:

    • 3D printer sponsored by Intel.

    • Technological mentoring by the Intel innovation department.

    • Legal consulting on behalf of Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co.

    • In-house meeting with the experts from Triventures, leading VC in the digital health sector.

Q: What kind of ideas and products fit this event?

A: Anything Neuroscience or Neurotech related! VR, Bio-feedback CBT therapy service? Sure. Brain-computer interface control of warehouse robots? Definitely! A bracelet that changes color based on your cortisol levels? Not so much. Ice cream flavor named “Brain-Freeze”. No. Delicious, but no.


Q: How futuristic can I make my idea?
A: Your idea can be as wild as you like. However, it’s important you show it is feasible given certain assumptions and that you can explain those assumptions. It’s up to you to make sure the technical part of your idea is hypothetically possible (doesn’t break physics) and at least somewhat probable (in line with directions in current research) 


Q: Do I have to have experience in scientific research or entrepreneurship?

A: Experience is useful but never a precondition! You should have an academic background, deep interest in neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Either way, if you think you’ll have fun and succeed you’re probably right! Sign up and see.

Q: What is the registration fee?

We believe in open science.
Participation is free.

Q: Do we have to work in English?

Teams are free to choose the language they work in (staff & mentors are fluent in both English and Hebrew).

Final presentation slides must be in English.

For more questions please contact us @

Copyright&Intellectual Property Disclaimer

We would love to see your ideas become a reality one day. However, this event is above all intended to inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to gain experience. Things you share with others in this event are public and will not remain confidential. In addition, the participation is as a team which may include, in addition to you, other students from various academic institutions and various majors. As a team, you may also be accompanied by professional mentors. New works or ideas may be created as part of such a team which members and mentors may be subject to different IP restrictions. Therefore, in order to maintain your IP rights, please consider carefully what you share with others, or otherwise bring with you and/or present in this event, especially an idea you are actively working on or is too similar to an idea you’d prefer to pursue individually at a later time and we highly recommend you consult with a legal advisor before doing so. The Neuro-Pitch 2026 event is your chance to think of and pitch a future fantasy more than a near reality.

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